Subluminal Microlite

Day One
Or, "Dragons In The Sky"

Ari, Daegalen, Etzal, and nerwocket were out on their hike, as Etzal spotted a light coming from their home town of Tuzul. This worried the group, so they began on their way back. However, a pack of wolves, running from whatever happened, attacked!

Etzal showed his mighty strength as he cleaved a wolf in two, sent another across the clearing, and took out even a third in a single blow, while Daegalen and Nerwocket attacked the last, which finally fell as it was struck by an overcharged Magic Missile, leaving not even a trace.

As they reached the town, Etzal noticed that something was amiss – no one was in the town at all! He ran towards Tuzul with Ari, leaving Daegalen and Nerwocket checking the farmhouses at the fringes and following behind shortly afterward.

Together again, they discovered a group of burly men in the town center, where the houses were singed and burned, and no one else in sight. Unsure of what to do, Daegalen conjured the image of a dragon in the sky to allow the group to get closer, but they didn’t find anything out. As Daegalen was losing his spell, the party barely made out it unnoticed, and met again in a small clearing in the forest.

Unfortunately, there was still no peace for the group of young adventurers. Blame was thrown, mostly at the mage, who distanced himself from the group in anger. The group finally decided to rest until nightfall, and head back into the town to find more information.

The Story So Far

The three protagonists have set out from their home town of Tuzul on a camping trip to celebrate the end of their studies. They’ve packed their adventuring gear, food rations and, at the behest of Ari’s protective parents, they’ve agreed to bring some old armour and weapons for protection. They know there are wolves in this region, but the creatures have never been especially aggressive, and the adventurers look forward to two weeks of peaceful hiking and relaxing in the beautiful and naturally sheltered woodlands south of their town.


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