A fighter with a moderate level of intelligence, thank you very much.


Level 1 Half-Orc Fighter

STR21[+5](base 17 + racial 4)
DEX17[+3](base 17)
MND12[+1](base 14 – racial 2)
HP23(21 + 2)
AC17(base 10 + dex 3 + armor 4)
Physical4(Level 1 + 3 class)
Subterfuge1(Level 1)
Knowledge1(Level 1)
Communication1(Level 1)
Survival1(Level 1)

Class Ability: +1 to Attack and Damage

Great Sword (two-handed, 2d6 damage)
Scale Mail (medium, 3 max dex, +4 AC)
Adventuring Pack C
Vial of Holy Water
5 Gold Pieces

Etzal’s mother was raped by an orc in another, demolished at the time, town. She left for Tuzul to live with her brother, a guard there. His parantage was kept a secret, which was not hard to do, as he more favors the Human side. However, he obviously kept the brutish Orc strength: he was easily the strongest boy in the village even from a young age. His uncle began to train him in how to use a sword from when he was old enough to hold one – Etzal much preferred these lessons over school. Especially Magic. Since his first failures in trying to learn, he expressed a hatred for Arcane spellcasters. However, deep down, he holds a fascination with the power arcane magicks hold…


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